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New York, NY

When I first came to Prisca, my husband and I were trying to get pregnant for about 6 months. According to our doctor, my husband’s numbers were good, but mine were “not ideal.” I didn’t know exactly what this meant, but I was anxious and depressed. I was only 37, but felt like I was already 50. He recommended IVF for us, but we wanted to try naturally. I wanted to do everything I could to increase my chances before we had to resort to IVF, so I found Prisca. Prisca took a close look at my lab report and medications, and after our intake, she explained in layman’s terms that my numbers were actually in a workable range, and that we just needed a few months of treatments. I was impressed with her knowledge of different herbs and foods, and how she knew which herbs to avoid with my current medications. For about 5 months, I had regular treatments, took herbal supplements, and made some diet and lifestyle changes. I felt a lot healthier and my cycles improved (no cramps and migraines!), but I still wasn’t pregnant. We grew impatient and desperate so we decided to try IVF after my next period. This last period was a few days late so I panicked, because I had been very regular. I called Prisca asking what I should do, and she recommended a pregnancy test: it was POSITIVE! I still chuckle when I think about this. My doctor was stunned and said it was a miracle, and I truly believe we couldn’t have done it without Prisca’s help. Fast forward to today, this testimonial took me forever to write because my 8 month old baby girl needs a lot of attention. Thank you, Prisca!



Brooklyn, NY

Prisca is a gem. She really listens to your body and decides via touch and conversation what exactly your body needs. There's something about the way a practitioner makes you feel and how much attention they afford your every visit, and Prisca doesn't disappoint. I am training heavily for a race next month and have been receiving acupuncture from Prisca in an attempt to keep my capacities sand muscle soreness at optimal performance levels and Prisca's warm environment and attention to detail made me look forward dot getting needled every week! She's great for anyone who's not tried it before too -- her bedside manner is awesome and she's also just really chill, which helps with the structure of the appointment. All in all, I'm a fan of acupuncture and Prisca and can't wait for my next session!!!!



New York, NY

I was very impressed with Prisca, she really takes the time to listen and try and get an overall picture of your health... Prisca was very professional but also very warm and the space she practices in is very welcoming, nicely decorated, and spotless. I had visited another practitioner before but they were always seeing a bunch of patients at the same time, and I never felt they were really listening. Needless to to say that is not the experience at Tranquility Base. I always felt like I had Prisca's undivided attention. She will be my go-to person for when I next feel I need acupuncture. I highly recommend her.



Queens, NY

Prisca is really great for Bell's palsy! I had already had facial paralysis for two months with few signs of revival on the affected side when I visited her for the first time. Prisca was surprisingly more knowledgeable about my condition than my own family doctor as well as the neurologist I visited. I felt instant improvements on my face during each treatment, and the recovery between my weekly or sometimes biweekly visits also picked up pace. I began to regain my smile shortly afterwards. I'd highly recommend her for anyone with Bell's palsy.