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Transgender people are welcome and supported here at Tranquility Base. Exciting options that weren’t available a decade ago.


Transgender Women

Sperm freezing: best to freeze sperm before starting estrogen. Possible to get off hormones for a few months, then freeze sperm, but chances are quality won’t be as good.

Trans women would freeze sperm before the transition. It is difficult to retroactively try to free sperm due to long standing exposure to estrogen.

Transgender MEN

Eggs: can go off testosterone for a few months, wait for regular menstrual cycle to come back, and eggs can be extracted. Some may need to take estrogen to promote ovulation or to produce more eggs. Best to do this when you’re younger.

Trans men who were on medication would taper off, then introduce estrogen to promote ovulation. Because of the sudden shift in hormones, changes with the body, other socio-emotional stuff, trans men are more likely to suffer from depression during the fertility process, pregnancy, as well as postpartum depression. Once pregnant, the pregnancy would go on as any normal pregnancy.